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Oluwatosin Alliyu

Oluwatosin Alliyu.jpeg

Oluwatosin Alliyu is a researcher with ANO, and is supporting the development of impactful and sustainable outputs for community members of each region. She is mainly tackling the idea of how to go beyond engaging discussions that raise awareness and increase cultural knowledge through the implementation of long-lasting unique solutions for the different communities. Focusing on curating collaborative activities and workshops that incorporate all stakeholders from community members, NGO's and artists, Tosin hopes to support the team and projects in facilitating the beginning of tangible and effective change. She is interested in the interaction between design, technology, social impact and urban development particularly on the African continent. Studying computer science with a concentration in Peace, Justice and Human Rights(PJHR) for her bachelor's degree, she worked towards using  technology to effect positive societal change. She is on a mission to be part of the movement of transforming the narrative of Africa one country at a time re-claiming our African past, present and future story.


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