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Angela Okorie


Angela Okorie is currently the 2019 ANO Cultural Leadership Curatorial Fellow, which will involve the curation and exhibition of objects, audio/visual recordings, texts, clothing, and photographs that are of cultural value to the communities in 16 regions in Ghana for the Mobile Museum, along with discussions with the stakeholders, NGOs and contemporary artists who will inform and spearhead agency and sustainable development across these regions. She is interested in experiences which can either be disruptive, small or profound in public spaces that explore and investigate issues which affect our everyday lives; also connecting people to form micro- communities. With a degree in Economics and Sociology and an interest in arts, she understands collectivity and the positioning of art in relation to social interactions and how it evokes encounters and meaningful engagement between people. As a project manager, she worked with the team at A Whitespace Creative Agency in the management and curation of the Tiwan Tiwa Street Art Festival in Lagos, Nigeria, as well as the presentation of exhibitions that prioritise the audience experience as much as  the art/object/performance on display, while creating a safe space (through artist talks, workshops and symposia) towards a nuanced discourse on new narratives

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