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An art exhibition in honour of the 5th anniversary of the passing of Aliu Mahama. The North of Ghana has often been stigmatised as poorer, less educated and developed than the South and yet it is truly rich in culture, traditions, and potential. The exhibition seeks to both highlight the North’s wealth and the areas in which it, and the support of it from the South, have fallen short.


The exhibition comprises paintings by Ayambire Nsoh, who is modernising the Sirigu wall-paintings made by women in Bolgatanga; and images of the Kayayei girls, who migrate from the Northern regions to Accra for better economic opportunities but end up for eleven or so hours per day, in the sweltering heat, moving goods throughout Accra’s bustling markets for wholesalers, traders, and shoppers in exchange for a few cedis. Both photographs have given the girls the dignity they deserve and dream of, Caleb Aryee by dressing and photographing them as they wish to be seen and Caleb Prah by elevating them to Madonnas.


Aliu Mahama stood for dignity, discipline and integrity and a photography exhibition shows the evidence of this through his life from young man, through to religious man, to statesman, family man and friend.


The funds from the fundraising auction of the works will go towards the Aliu Mahama Foundation, in support of its educational work.

Caleb Prah

Ayambire Nsoh

Caleb Aryee


Wealth of the North2.jpg

International Conference Centre, Accra, November 2017

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